Friday, July 13, 2007

What happens when we're not looking

Open your eyes, people! By NOT deporting an illegal immigrant, see what happens?

A 42-year-old convicted sex offender from Thailand who entered the U.S. illegally was being questioned by police Friday after he provided information that led to the discovery of the body of 12-year-old Zina Linnik, who police believe was kidnapped July 4 while watching a fireworks display.

Terapon Adhahn, who was convicted of incest in 1990, was being held for uestioning, Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell said. Adhahn, who lists a Parkland, Wash., address, was being held by federal immigration officials on a charge unrelated to Linnik's apparent abduction.

Let's go back 17 years:
He entered America illegally. CRIME.
He raped a girl. CRIME.
It was his 16 year-old half sister. Incest. CRIME.
He was detained for these things... impending Deportation...
He was diagnosed with pedophilia. CRIME.
Now he is under investigation for kidnapping, murder and assumed rape of a 12 year old. CRIME, CRIME, CRIME.

What does it take to get these people off the streets?
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Adhahn's 1990 conviction of
first-degree incest is the basis for his detention, which should have led to the
man’s deportation.
A person who rapes his sister should never be allowed back on the streets.
But a search by of the state's voter registration records shows
that Adhahn registered in 2002, and his registration was current.
A person charged with crimes of illegal immigration, incestual rape, and pedophilia should not be allowed to vote! WAKE UP.


J.D. said...

I've done some more research on this and posted my own story at People You'll See In Hell. You can vote there on whether or not you think this guy did it.

There's no way I can bring myself to vote for any politician who doesn't address the illegal immigrant issue and have a positive plan to take care of it. Walls, sensors, more LE officers, whatever it takes. We need more agents in place throughout the US, so we can round up the ones who don't respect the rule of law, deport them and make them come back through LEGAL CHANNELS.

Don't you hate people who cut in line. That's what 100,000 illegals are doing EACH DAY.

CJ Buck said...